You’re responsible too — don’t just blame Facebook

The danger most people perceive about companies tracking their personal data is usually related to the invasion of privacy and how powerful those private companies can become from it.

However, the fear isn’t usually about what those companies are doing with their data. Instead, people are afraid of the unknown.

This is because the average person doesn’t understand how data is collected, how data is used and how they are affected personally.

The average person is just scared that their phone automatically shows them ads about products that they have searched on their laptop.

Users do need to be given clear options for how their data is used and we do need to keep the pressure on how companies use our data to remind them that there are human beings on the other end of the statistics.

But the pressure isn’t just on the companies collecting our data.

It’s our responsibility to learn how this data is used and how it affects us.

Most of the time, the algorithms are just trying to improve your experience, but it requires an understanding of how that works to fully appreciate it.