You’re not supposed to know, but you are supposed to think

At the start of any idea, you’re making a decision to do it based on something that you like about it.

There will be something appealing and aspirational about it so you begin planning and taking action.

The risk here is that there only might be a certain aspect that you actually want to do and a lot more that you just haven’t realised.

Have you thought about what the idea actually requires you to do?

Have you thought about what the future steps for the idea are if it all goes to plan?

It’s impossible to know exactly where your life is going to lead you and it’s impossible to plan with precision around that.

But not having any plan at all is a much bigger risk.

Set a direction to aim towards and then consider what that would actually require you to do.

Things will change and nothing ever goes completely to plan, but the minimum you can do is set off with the correct intention and a consideration for what you will realistically have to do.