You’re not an idiot – you just made a mistake

No one is immune from mistakes. As humans, we are not perfect. Human error is not a term we just use for others. We also have to appreciate that we not any less of a human for making them, it simply makes us human.

We obviously want to learn from each mistake that we make. We must reflect on the situation, the context, the variables, and the end result to identify the patterns that can help us to prevent such a mistake from happening again.

But, we can’t expect ourselves to never make another mistake again.

It is natural to blame others or yourself when the mistakes happen. It is expected that you become angry, sad or disheartened that you could do something so stupid. But, you cannot let that get in the way of your life.

You might have made a mistake. You might feel stupid now. You will do everything in your power to not make another one.

But, one day, you will make another. It doesn’t make you an idiot. That’s just a part of being human. Get up, and move on.