You are not Steve Jobs

We are inspired by his ability to push the boundary of what we had thought possible and just do more. Create without limitations. Think different.

What Steve Jobs did was incredible and so unique that he will forever be an entrepreneur icon. A lot of what his success is accredited to his “reality distortion field”.

This effect was what enabled him to convince others that a seemingly impossible task could be done, and more importantly, it could be done in half the time you thought by “distorting” your reality. Team members would be swept up in this effect and only realize afterwards that they had committed themselves to something they really did think was impossible.

But, they would do it.

We look at this quality in Steve and we want to emulate it. We all want to be able to encourage others to be more productive, to push the boundaries, and to get more done.

There is one critical issue of thinking this way. You are not Steve Jobs and you don’t have a reality distortion field.

Steve Jobs is acclaimed because he was so uniquely successful. That’s really the key aspect — he was unique.

You need to look at this as inspiration within yourself to push more, do more, and always question the status quo, but you need to find ways to do that that are unique to you.

The intention is not to try and emulate one of the most unique humans of our day, but to be inspired by him.