You are not Coca-Cola

Do you know what’s unique about the Coca-Cola logo? They have one of the very few logos that hasn’t ever changed. Since it’s inception in the 1880s, the Coca-Cola logo has remained almost completely unaltered (except for one year where they added some horrible florals which were luckily removed the following year).

Coca-Cola really is one of the few exceptions. Companies change, and companies that have been around a long time have changed a lot. They do this in order to survive the world that is changing around them.

We often get very involved in the message our brand sends out to the world. We, of course, want to create a strategy that reflects who we are and what value we add to society. However, we also must remember that a brand can change. A marketing campaign isn’t permanent. An old slogan will be forgotten and your logo doesn’t need to be carved into Mount Rushmore.

Even more so, we need to remember that we’re not Cola-Cola. We’re not already recognized by 94% of the world’s population. Once we understand this idea fully, we understand that there’s no need to treat our brand like a permanent decision. Just like the world around us, it needs to evolve.

The benefit of this evolution, of this flexibility, is that we can try new things and get feedback. With no pressure to decide on what our brand means for eternity, we are free to experiment and iterate our ideas to find what resonates most with people over time.

We need to find a consistent brand message, we cannot contradict ourselves, and we cannot confuse our audiences with too many messages. However, if we worry on this too much, we lose sight of our ability to try new things and find something that people can connect with more.

There’s no pressure to get your branding message perfect for now and forever, remember that you will need to change it in the future anyway in order to survive.