Why the outside matters

If we were all completely rational, logical, sceptical people, whatever was on the outside wouldn’t matter.

Everything could look the same when we look at the surface because we’d only be interested to see what’s actually on the inside.

But, no one is completely rational, logical or immune from being gulled once in a while.

We’re wired to judge a book by its cover because we’re wired to process information quickly.

When you consider a dream world where people only cared about the stuff the actually mattered, the stuff on the inside, putting any effort into the outside can seem like nothing more than a hassle.

However, we don’t live in that world, people do make snap decisions, people are constantly bombarded with info, and first impressions do matter.

The outside is nowhere near as important as what’s inside. But, if you want people to pay attention to what’s inside you do need to go the extra mile.

Your packaging does matter. Your summary does matter. Your photos, your handshake, and your grammar all matter.

It would be an easier world if they didn’t, but in this world where everyone else is competing against you for a better first impression, the outside does matter.