Who do you trust online?

There are certain names that have a sense of authority; Google, The BBC, Harvard.

These names will always have an elevated level of trust because of it.

However, with it now more easy to reach larger amounts of people online, it is also much easier to present ideas in a way that looks just as trustable as the “official” sources that we’re used to trusting.

This is wonderful if you have credible ideas and information to share with others that can benefit their lives.

However, it also means that fake news and fake experts can appear more authoritative than they really are.

What is required is a default mentality of scepticism.

It is a base level of critical thinking that must be used daily in order to separate the useful from the useless.

This is something that we have always needed, but now that anybody from anywhere can make something look legitimate, it has become much more important to have embedded within our psyche when we open up the flood gates of the infinite scroll.