Who are you following?

Three questions to answer:

1: Who do you find inspirational? Why?

2: Who do you take advice from on a daily basis regarding your life choices?

3: Are the answer to 1 & 2 the same people? If not, why not?

For absolutely anything that you want to do, there will be people who have done things that you can learn from.

It is possible to figure it all out by making your own mistakes and trying again. However, with so many people out there that have already done things that you can emulate, there are many opportunities to seek inspiration from others to help with the choices you make.

If you are seeking to do something and you’re finding it difficult and you don’t have anybody that you seek advice from that has previously done it, it’s no wonder you are finding it so hard.

For many people, the figures that we say are inspirational didn’t do things that you actually want to do in your own life. If you admire them, there will be a lot that you are able to consciously integrate into your own life, but if you aiming to achieve something specific, consider if there are others that you could follow more closely for inspiration.

Research others that can give you guidance on exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.

This doesn’t mean you just research what they have done. It means you research the person themselves.

Not every part of how they live their life will be something that you want to bring into yours. But, if they have done something that you want to do, there will be many aspects of their personality that are an integral part of their success.

These are aspects that you can integrate into your own life.