Who are you accountable to?

One of the primary purposes of the boss is to set the work. The next major function of the boss is to make sure it gets done. This is called accountability.

But what happens when you’re in charge of setting the work? Who’s in charge of making sure it gets done?

Well… you are.

Do you know who the easiest person in the world to make excuses to is?

Also you.

It’s very easy to rationalize why we make all of the decisions we make and, after all, there are a lot of things on our plate, what with all the setting of the work to be done also.

A great way to introduce more accountability for our actions is to find someone else to be accountable to. This can be a mentor, a friend, even a mentee, the most important quality they need to have is that you want them to respect you.

This desire for their respect will be the driving force required for you to feel accountable to them.

If you tell them what you’re going to do, the desire for their respect will be what pushes you to prioritize getting it done higher than setting more work to do.