When you have a new idea, it can feel like finding a precious gem

You don’t want anyone else to know about it because they might steal it so you spend your time polishing it by yourself and finding every way possible to protect it before showing anyone.

The truth is that your idea probably isn’t a rare gem.

It’s more like a normal rock.

There are lots of them and its value is in what you can turn it into.

The next truth is that turning it into something valuable probably requires a lot of work — much more work that anybody you share it with has time to do.

In your head, the amount of work seems so easy. But, think about exactly what is required to turn your idea into a reality and consider how busy everybody is.

What you really need is feedback and advice on how to turn your rock into something valuable.

You might be afraid of someone stealing it, but the chance of that actually happening compared with the value you can get from others’ opinions is a risk-reward ratio that is definitely worth betting on.