When to not focus on the details

Focussing on the details is often a sign of artistry or craftsmanship.

Any painter, composer or architect will stress the importance of the smallest of details which, in sum, define the difference between mediocrity and excellence to them.

When working in a team, this attention to detail transforms into culture.

Steve Jobs may have agonised his employees with his obsessiveness to detail, but he also installed in them a sense of ambition.

In a team where “good enough” is accepted, this builds itself into the culture.

When working personally, however, your own personal standards are completely within your control.

You decide which details will have a greater impact on the outcome.

When it’s a matter of passion and/or pride, many people indulge in the details.

If the art is important than execution, then there’s nothing wrong with this.

However, if you want to create an impact with your work, the number one question to ask yourself is if the extra effort to perfect the details will have a proportional impact on the outcome.

If not, you may just be indulging yourself.