What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Whenever you start to consider a new idea, the doubt often kicks in.

“What if it fails?”, you ask yourself.

Well… what if it fails?

What actually happens?

Do you lose money? Pride? Time?

So what?

What if you lost absolutely all of your money? Would you be able to pick yourself up and find another way to earn again? Probably.

Does anyone else care about your pride but you? Nope.

Are the lessons you learn going through the experience going to be worth your time? What else are you going to do with your time? You’ve got to use it somehow.

Consider the absolute worst-case scenario if the idea absolutely tanks.

Will you still have your health? Will you still have all of your skills? Will you still be able to pick yourself up and try again?

Yes, yes and yes.

Failure seems scary because it’s failure. The term builds into something that is feared.

The reality is that what you have to gain is usually far more valuable than anything you could really lose once you think about it.