We can’t please the world

Every brand has a voice – and that voice needs to speak to many people.

Once we have decided why we want to say something and what it is exactly we want to say, a large unknown when creating a brand is considering who to say it to. It’s easy to think of our message being so important that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to who hears it. We can think of so many different people that need to hear our message and we never want to stay quiet when we’ve got so much to say.

However, as people, we intuitively use different words, expressions, and mannerisms when speaking to people of different ages, educations, cultures, etc.

Why then should our brand act any differently?

Our brand message should be tailored to each audience it speaks to. Which means that we change how we say it and where we say it.

If we’re going to go to the effort to do this though, a number of things can happen.

First, we can dilute our brand message in an attempt to speak to more people.

Second, we can expend a huge amount of energy doing this.

When starting a brand, the most important thing to remember is that we can’t please everybody. Sometimes we have to find an audience, find a message that works and stick to it.

Reaching the world is a wonderful idea, but speaking the words that a smaller group of people are dying to hear is better than wasting time trying to say something that everybody kind of wants to hear.