Tuning in to the right frequencies

We’re constantly bombarded with information.

Seeing an advertisement like a billboard, hearing something on the radio or having a conversation with a cashier are all sources of information as are your Twitter feed, emails, or YouTube subscriptions.

We can think of each of these sources of information as a different frequency.

Much of our life is spent consuming and processing these frequencies and this shapes the person that we are.

While many of these frequencies are unavoidable, we also have a lot of control over which frequencies we want in our lives.

As these frequencies have such a great impact on what happens in our brains, it’s important to tune in to the frequencies that can move us closer to our goals.

We might not even be actively processing all of the information transmitted through these frequencies, but it’s better to have your mind tuned in to these frequencies than to others which might not be as beneficial to your goals.