This applies even if you love your job

Everyone has different ways of staying productive. Some are able to do it for longer periods of time than others, some are able to do it for more hours out of the day. Some require more exercise to keep the mind active, some require certain types of food for the mental stimulation.

Everyone requires a break at some point.

We are constantly pressured to work more, do more, and achieve more. We are rarely pressured to take time off.

Whether you love what you do or not is irrelevant, if you want to get more done, you need to understand the balance between dedicated productive work effort and time for yourself.

Even if your job is the best thing in the world and you’d never want to do anything else, take the time away from it to make sure it stays that way. You might think you are different from your peers, that you are indestructible, and that you can keep working forever, but everyone has the potential to burn out if they don’t take time away.