There’s too much to do, it’s overwhelming - but what else?

As the number of pressures in your life builds up, even small pressures can begin to seem overwhelming.

This effect usually happens when there are several big immediate pressures that happen at the same time.

The result is that it becomes harder to unravel the stress in your head.

At this point, all problems or worries, no matter how small they might be, seem to be critical.

When faced with an overwhelming mess of stresses, problems, pressures and worries, the only way to sort through them is to release them from your brain.

This can be as simple as making a list (either by writing it yourself, or doing the exercise with a friend).

The question to ask is “But what else?”

After you state each issue that’s currently adding to your stress, ask again “But what else?”

Eventually, after getting absolutely everything out, there simply won’t be anything else.

You will have nothing more to mention and you can finally look back on those pressures on a single sheet of paper.

It’s only at this point that you can prioritize each one and realize that many of them only seemed stressful in the moment of peak pressure.

It won’t reduce any of the work you’ve got to do. But, when the stress is so high that it all just feels confusing, the psychological boost of saying “that’s everything, there’s nothing else” is a key motivator.