There’s something we all have in common and it’s very inspiring

People who you admire usually have a certain way of presenting themselves that shows off their best parts.

To magnify this grandeur even further, other people often portray those people in an even better light, which is completely out of control of the person in question.

This has the effect of creating a public persona that is very different from the person they actually are.

However, each and every person on this planet is still actually very human inside.

However crazy their life may seem…

However polished or incredible their presence is that you can see…

However many achievements they seem to have stacked under their belt…

If you actually lived in their head, you would discover that they have fears and doubts like the rest of us.

Once you understand this, the implausible life that they seem to live seems a little bit more real — a little bit more relatable.

And that is an inspiring thing.