There are two approaches to starting something new

You can either start doing it and pick up things as you go or you can spend all the time in the world researching it before you jump in.

There are many success stories where people jumped into the deep and learned how to swim as quickly as possible.

It’s encouraged a lot of the time to “just start”.

There is a lot of wisdom behind this because “just starting” commits you psychologically to making sure that you’re successful.

The fear people obviously have about this is that they want to learn and research as much as they can before starting because they’re afraid of failure.

The thing to remember though is that “just start” doesn’t mean “don’t learn”.

A large part of learning to swim in the deep end means that you have to do the same research and planning that you want to do before starting, but once you’re head starts going under, you are much better at deciding which is the necessary work to do and which is just a waste of time.