The problem with good habits

Habits can be healthy to set in order to train yourself to do what needs to be done without expending extra energy to get into the required mindset.

When you have a habit, you can do your task much more naturally because you a simply accustomed to the routine. You don’t need to make any conscious change to configure yourself into the state required to do the task.

However, habits can also lock you into a process that you are unable to see out of.

There are obviously bad habits that are, in fact, addictions where this is very evident. But, even habits that you might call ‘good’ might be holding you back.

When the habit you do helps you to achieve a positive goal, sometimes you forget to think about how that habit could be broken and how a new, more effective habit could be formed.

It is for this reason that you must document your productivity.

Documenting how effectively you are working means that you have to critically think about your tasks and the habits you have formed to get them done.

It doesn’t matter which method of documentation works best for you, it could be writing, video journaling, productivity meetings with a team or discussions with a mentor, but some form of progress analysis is necessary in order to know how well your habits are benefiting you.