The language you use matters

The common feeling after you finish something that you don’t enjoy is that of rejoice.

You’re happy that it’s over and you can now relax and do something that you enjoy instead.

It’s a great feeling…

Until you have to do it again.

This is where language matters.

If it’s a reoccurring part of your life that you just can’t avoid, the language you and the people around you use to talk about it has a huge influence on how you think about it.

Are you happy that it’s over?

Or are you proud of what you achieved?

Did it exhaust you and leave you lacking energy?

Or are you grateful for some time away to recharge?

The classic example of this is the workweek. If you’re celebrating when it’s over, you are only enforcing the feeling of dread you will feel on Monday morning.

Instead, use positive language to talk about the parts you’re proud of and avoid the negative language for everything else.