The biggest lie people believe about fate

It often seems like the universe works in mysterious ways.

A chance encounter in the afternoon just so happens to coincide with a relevant thought you had the very same morning.

A news article pops up about something that you heard about yesterday.

You get a message from a friend about an opportunity that you’ve been thinking about for a while but haven’t found a way to act on yet.

It can seem like fate.

It can feel like magic.

If that is a romantic idea intertwined with a belief in a higher source of energy that is guiding your path and you’d like to hold onto that, stop reading now.

The truth lies in the fact that two things happen coincidently:

1 — Awareness: An idea will come to you. It may come to you numerous times and nothing actionable will come from it.

2 — A trigger: Eventually, something else will happen that relates to that idea and it will seem like it happened at exactly the right moment.

The reality is that you are becoming aware of new things every day and potential triggers for things that you have no idea about are also happening — but they just don’t happen together to spark those magic moments.

Ultimately, it comes down to probability.

But you can push the odds of the universe in your favour by actively seeking to educate yourself, proactively procrastinating, and talking to as many interesting people as possible.

You can create magic moments, you just have to put in the groundwork.