Strength and fragility - the mind

The mind can be a lot stronger than we usually think it is and also a lot more fragile.

Incredible stories of perseverance such as the likes of Nelson Mandela or Serena Williams show us that the peak of human tenacity is far beyond what we consider rational in our day-to-day life.

However, the suicides of some of the world’s most loved such as Kurt Cobain or Robbin Williams also show us how temperamental our mind can be.

The mind can go through so much that it’s easy to take for granted the moments of joy when they happen and also allow the bad days to shadow the good ones.

It’s also very easy to be so wound up in our own temperamentally that we don’t always think about what is happening with others.

If there are two things that we should incorporate more into our lives, they are to appreciate our moments of personal strength more and consider how much the strength of others might be challenged.