Specialise don’t generalise, but only if you want to

Concentrating on a topic for many years without distractions is the best way to become an expert at it.

If you are able to compound your experience more than others then you will learn more and therefore be more valuable.

Examples of such experts who consolidate their experience in certain topics include heart surgeons, NFL coaches and Fortune 500 leadership consultants.

In all of these cases, these people have invested huge amounts of time in their profession, become much better than other generalists, and can therefore charge a fat premium for their services.

If choosing what you want to spend your time on is heavily weighted by how much you can earn, the easiest choice to earn a lot of money is to specialise in doing something hard and not distract yourself with the work of generalists.

However, if your choice is based on enjoyment or interest and you’re happy knowing that making a lot of money is generally less common in the role of a generalist, for many people, a much more fulfilling life is led when they don’t refer to a multitude of interests as distractions.