Social media isn’t supposed to feel normal

If social media seems like a weird way to connect with people, that’s because it is. We’ve spent our entire evolution communicating with others in ways that did not include a screen and a keyboard. Reading comments instead of hearing them, watching pre-recorded videos of someones face instead of standing there looking into their eyes, and getting a buzz in your pocket when a stranger approves of something you’ve published to the world are all very new concepts.

For anyone who has not adjusted to this strange new method of connecting with people, it helps to humanize the experience. There will, of course, be natural adaptions to how we end up using all of these platforms available to us, but it all becomes a lot less weird if we try to imagine what these situations would be like if they happened in the real world.

Instead of trying to construct a new way of communication to engage with these platforms, it’s much more approachable to just interact like you would in real life. If you don’t know what to say, just imagine the people are standing there in front of you and type whatever it is you’d say in real life.