Remember the secret advantage of the 9 to 5

Some people like having a 9 to 5. Other people like having a job that they love so much they don’t set themselves hours.

The 9 to 5 people like to be able to leave behind their tasks at the end of each day. They like the freedom.

The other group don’t like to leave their job behind because they genuinely love it. Their freedom is their job.

If you are a part of the second group, remember the hidden advantage of the 9 to 5 group. Each day they leave the office and (more than the second group) empty their minds of their daily tasks. They can then arrive at the office the next day with fresher eyes and new perspectives.

If you do love your job and don’t have set hours, remember to come away from the intensity of living your job every hour. The simple act of putting down your thoughts so that you can come back to them refreshed allows you to exercise your creativity with a different perspective.