Once you tell yourself it’s bad, it’s hard to change that story

Once you start to tell yourself that something is negative, that connotation attaches itself very quickly and you stop seeing it for what it is.

While, rationally, you could think about both the bad and good parts, once it’s a negative part of your life, that label takes priority in your mind.

When it enters your mind, it becomes a natural habit to react with feelings of dread or hesitation or the desire to push it aside.

The longer this occurs for, the deeper the connotation sets in; you’ve told yourself the story that it’s bad and you never even consider changing that story.

The question to ask yourself is “is it really that terrible or are you exaggerating the story?”

If you have able to tell yourself the story, it is most likely not the best part of your life, but if it’s a story that you’ve been telling yourself for a long time, it’s probably worth reconsidering the value it brings to your life also.