Keep a record

If you never keep a record of how you’re doing, it’s almost impossible to measure how you’re going.

Life passes by so quickly and we’re always so caught up on what we want in the future and what we’re doing now to get it.

Throughout all of this, we learn and grow.

We change.

If you never take a record of the current moment you’re in, when you change, much of the way you were is often forgotten.

Of course, you don’t completely forget who you were, but the parts that you do remember trick you into thinking that you remember everything when that’s never the case.

It doesn’t take long, but it does require you to, at least occasionally, write down your reflections on your current situation in complete honestly.

Capturing these thoughts gives you the incredible advantage of being able to look back at the real truths of your life, track your progress, see where you’ve changed for the better, and rethink your current actions with more insight into why you’re making them.