It’s a story of self-empowerment

Telling the story of your charitable cause through your eyes and using your voice has value to donors and followers because they relate to you.

The challenge is how to get them to relate to the people that actually matter; the people you’re helping.

This can be hard for three reasons:

  1. People have egos and they like to see themselves as the center of the story;
  2. Your story is closer to home for others to understand — it’s often what people want to hear about; and
  3. The story of the people you’re trying to help is often complicated and therefore difficult to understand.

However, this is the challenge that must be faced.

It isn’t to say that your logo or your staff can’t be featured in the stories you tell. But it is to say that the only value of including a picture of your logo or a photo of a staff member is to show proof that donors money is going to the right place.

Apart from that, the focus must always be on the people you are helping and their stories.

It must be this way because it is a story of their own empowerment, not of your journey to help.