How to use your body to get over mistakes

Mistakes feel terrible.

You feel like an idiot and it can be very hard to stop asking yourself how on earth you did something so dumb.

However, they will happen.

They have happened before, and they will happen again.

You will never be immune because you are human.

The mistake is far less important than you think it is.

What’s important is how you react.

Wondering how you made the mistake is not going to make it better.

Wishing you hadn’t made the mistake is not going to make it better.

Going into your head isn’t going to help.

The thing to notice in that moment when you realise what you’ve done and the world starts to crumble around you is how your body reacts.

Does your chest tighten?

Does your breathing become shorter?

Does your face feel flushed?

These are all natural reactions.

What they tell you is that, as much as you think that it’s a mental reaction of despair and self-criticism that you want to control with your mind, your body also has a lot to do with it.

The feeling of “how could I be so stupid?” will pass with time. During that time, don’t go into your head.

Move your body.

Go for a walk.

Deepen your breathing.

Eventually, you’ll get over it, but allowing your body to panic is only going to prolong the feeling of failure.

If you want to control your mind, start by taking control of your body.