How to get the contract

We recently hired a logo designer for our charity Purpose Projects. We knew that there was a big requirement to incorporate our values into the design and both of us, as founders, are pedantic about the details. We’re self-diagnosed perfectionists.

We wanted something really attractive and we received many offers at various price ranges. We eventually narrowed it down to three options. Option A was the cheapest. Option B was double the price of Option A, and Option C was two and a half times (2.5x) the price of Option A.

We chose Option C. Not because it was the most expensive. Not even because they were the best designer.

We chose Option C because of their presentation.

We knew that each designer had the technical and artistic ability to produce what we wanted. They could use the design tools and they understood the requirements, the process and the style we wanted, but Option C put in the most effort to showing us their portfolio in a beautiful way.

Option A and B did show us some mockups of how their previous logos were used, but Option C had beautiful mockups.

What’s worse is that Option A and B had other items in their portfolio that were not relevant to what we need. Option C had consistent portfolio work.

Each designer could have presented their portfolios to us like Option C, but only Option C proved to us that they care about the details. As detail-oriented people, it was a clear choice for us.

It’s not only the work we produce that matters, it’s how we present it.