How much of your schedule is a drain on your energy?

Anything you do in life can either fill you up with energy or it can drain you of energy.

Doing activities like completing a workout or finishing a job that you’re proud of, even though they use energy, actually fill you up with more energy after you’ve done them because they motivate you.

However, doing something that’s hard, emotional, or extremely time-consuming, and getting a minimal sense of accomplishment from it, will drain you of energy.

If you do too much of these energy-draining activities, you will burn out.

You can try to keep pushing through, but if you’re not finishing your days with a sense of accomplishment, consider re-evaluating the activities that you’re doing.

The dream, and something that extremely satisfied and motivated people have figured out, is to fill your schedule with activities that fill you up with energy and eliminate the energy-draining activities.