Giving up can feel really good

It can take all of the pressure away from actually having to do what you said you were going to do.

As soon as you commit to giving up, you accept that as the decision that you’ve made and it’s final.

No more worrying about if you were going to do it or not — now you can be content knowing that you are just not going to.

However, like anything that makes you feel good, that act of giving up has just reinforced a connection in your brain that connects your action to the reward.

Guess what happens next time you’re presented with the opportunity to give up?

The lesson to think about is that it’s not always about doing the thing. It’s also about understanding how your mind works.

If you continue to rationalise not trying, you’re making it even harder for yourself to not give up in the future.

The hardest part is often showing up, but it gets even harder if you never show up.