Getting feedback from someone when they’re emotional

The feedback you get from someone when they’re emotional can often be exaggerated.

If they’re positively emotional, you might find that they’re not mentioning the useful negative comments that they might have.

If they’re negatively emotional, they might leave out the positive comments and overemphasise the negative ones in a way that isn’t fair.

If they’re positively emotional, this can be a nice ego boost and it is good to know what they like so you can do more of it.

If they’re negatively emotional, your job is to stay calm. It might not be enjoyable to hear things that sound irrational, but the comments you receive while they’re in this state will always relate to some form of truth deep down.

They might not really mean the full extent of it but, if you can extract the truth from it, this is exactly the type of feedback that you need if you want to improve.