Get over yourself and your amazing qualities

What you’re selling may have 100 amazing qualities.

You are going to care about all of them and you are going to understand all of them.

Your customers won’t care about all of them and, if it’s their first time coming across it, they’re not going to understand that you offer any of them yet.

The only way to get them to buy it is to help them understand how it’s going to solve a problem they have.

You might want to mention all 100 qualities, but your audience doesn’t have the capacity to understand all of those different things and they won’t care about all of those different things.

If you think about each of the qualities, which one would relate to the most amount of people with the problem that it solves.

What about how much it would relate to them?

These are the two factors that help you to prioritize your message points:

1. Reach — the number of people you can reach with your message

2. Depth — how deeply it affects them

By taking each of the qualities that you can mention, you want to find the maximum of reach x depth because that is what is going to generate the most amount of impact with your audience — the most amount of people that really want it.

When you have the chance to segment your messaging to different groups of audiences, you can use this same formula to relate to that specific group of people.

However, if your message is on display to the global audience (like a website), then you need to make a decision about which qualities you call attention to.

You will need to omit some qualities if you want to call attention to the most important one(s) (in a perfect message, the maximum number of qualities would only be one).