Gender roles can just be called roles now

Gender roles are becoming less prominent with time. In a more modern society, we will see that the only gender role required would be that related to pregnancy. We are still not quite there yet with systematic gender bias embedded across our culture.

It’s okay to have roles. A partner working longer hours might not have time to help with household chores nor attending to the children, but that no longer needs to be determined by gender.

More importantly, traditional “women” tasks such as cleaning and cooking should definitely not be viewed as such anymore.

What’s important when delegating roles within the relationship is the amount effort each partner inputs into the relationship. Very simply put, it should be equal.

If a couple prefers to work within the traditional framework of gender roles, all power to them. But the effort should be equal. Likewise if a couple decides to create or share new roles.

The key to making this work is appreciation. Only by acknowledging and giving thanks to your partner can you truly understand if your roles are equal in the relationship.