Find a template and live by it

With so many people having so many differing opinions and experiences, it’s tempting to try to consume it all.

There is value in this because not any one person will have all of the answers.

Nonetheless, trying to follow the guidance of too many can lead to confusion.

Everybody has different things that they focus on and trying to focus on all of them isn’t how any of those people became successful.

It’s much more productive to find something that somebody or a group of people did that worked and see what they focussed on.

Understand how that works as a template that you can use in your life and be conscious that trying to execute on the advice of others may contradict that and not lead to the same results.

(It doesn’t mean you can’t take the advice, but realise that it differs from the template you’re using and therefore you have to think more carefully about the potential impact of that)