Don’t make a sacrifice, make a change

Some people love uncertainty; they need the excitement of not knowing.

Some people are the absolute opposite; they want to be able to plan what will happen and it’s extremely stressful when they don’t.

However, whether you seek uncertainty or not, the reality is that it happens to all of us. At some point, we all find ourselves at a crossroads with an important decision to make. With both sides having their own benefits, whichever decision we make seems like we’re sacrificing something.

Through all of the pros and cons lists that you can make, the only thing that’s certain is that you won’t ever know the real outcomes of whichever path you take.

If this is terrifying, it will not be possible to transform yourself into an uncertainty-seeker in these moments — it will just be stressful. There will never be a definite right answer as to what choice will be best.

However, much more importantly, it doesn’t mean that there’s a wrong one.

As you learn more, experience whatever decision you take, and change because of it, you’ll find that your priorities change too. You don’t have to look at either choice as a sacrifice — things will just end up different. You’ll never know if it’ll be better or worse, it’ll just be different.