Don’t get skewed by large followings

There is a baseline of inherent validation on a subject if enough people agree about it — especially if we respect the people agreeing.

It’s therefore natural to assign people a higher level of importance depending on their audience size which, nowadays, we can assess pretty easily by checking their follower count across the variety of social media apps.

This is then skewed by the huge numbers of followers we see that people have.

It’s very easy to make comparisons.

However, this isn’t really fair at all and this psychology tricks us.

When you see people on social media all the time, it’s easy to forget that there are many impactful people out there who don’t even have social media accounts.

And, many people that do, aren’t trying to grow audience sizes like Kim Kardashian.

It really depends on what you’re doing when it comes to how many people you might be able to get to follow you but, in every case, quality followings are always better than quantity.