Do you have complete faith in your team?

If you’re really convinced that the service or product you offer is beneficial for someone, you should feel obligated to help them have it.

This is what true sales should be. This is when we are in the best position to actually help a potential client by helping them to have what we’re selling.

If you don’t feel guaranteed yourself that what you offer is for them, this isn’t really true sales. You’re just trying to take advantage.

The difficulty arises when you are not fully in control of what it is that you are selling and therefore not certain of its benefits.

The closest to being in control of what you’re selling is when you’re selling your own personal services as you are the only one who is accountable.

Selling something that you’re not certain about usually happens when we work as part of a team that you don’t trust. If you’re in charge of selling something that requires you to rely on the abilities of others, it is only when you have full trust in them that true sales can occur. It is only then that you can sell from the heart knowing that what you offer is backed up by a whole team that you have faith in.

If you ever want to feel truly comfortable offering something to the world, make sure it’s with a team that you fully trust.