Do you celebrate enough small wins?

Leaders are often searching for the big win, the dream of achieving the big goal, the last milestone on the timeline, the gold at the end of the rainbow. As leaders, it is in our nature to accept the mountains of hard work required to get there and understand that it is simply just a part of reaching the goal. To be a good leader requires this.

However, while good leaders require this perspective, it is not always shared among other team members.

Yet, it is with the grandeur and success of such a great eventual achievement that leaders often rally their teams to get through the mountains of work.

With a certain type of leader, this dream can be illustrated into a narrative that does indeed motivate and inspire. However, when the team is far from the end goal, when moral is challenged by the hard work required to get there, it is the small wins that should be celebrated.

Celebrating every single hurdle jumped is a quick way for praise to become irrelevant, but, as a leader, you can’t overlook the value of each milestone. While your perspective may be clear that the end goal is valuable and worth sacrificing for, you also usually have a lot more to gain and a lot more at stake than the others on your team. Your team does want the final big goal, but they can be motivated by celebrating the small ones.