Do priorities exist?

Jim Collins says that “if you have more than three priorities, you have no priorities.”

This could even be extended whereby one could think about have “priorities” as an oxymoron within itself if you think about “priority” literally meaning the most important thing.

There are some that aim to simplify life by aiming to have just this one priority.

Nonetheless, it’s impossible to live your life with a single focus.

All the way from the micro-decisions about how you do each task, all the way up to macro-decisions about which tasks you choose to do, all the way up to how you balance your work and personal relationships.

There is an argument that you should re-phrase the word “priorities” to “focuses” or “key aspects” but, at the end of the day, it’s realistic to balance your attention across multiple things and the word “priorities” is understood.

Understand the value in working towards a primary goal when it increases effectiveness. But, there’s no need for unnecessary semantics.