Debt should be normalized - but not for everyone

If going into debt allows you to create a higher value net return then it should be a no brainer to do it.

This is exactly why student loans exist. We borrow money to pay for an education that we use to earn more money than we borrowed.

However, while this type of debt has become normalised, many people have a stigma around other types of debt.

“Never go into debt” is a common recommendation from both parents and businesspeople.

If we have faith in what it is we’re doing then the rational answer is that it’s cheaper to go into debt in order to achieve a net result that is profitable.

But the pressures of debt affect each of us differently.

It’s not only about whether the debt can be paid off — it’s also about the psychological effect that it can have on people.

For some, it’s a pressure that pushes them to work harder and actually helps them to come out on top.

However, if you are that type of person, remember that the relationship between debt-related stress and productivity is not always so beneficial for others.