Controversial opinion: voice messages

With the ease at which messaging apps like WhatsApp have made voice messages so easy to send, I have noticed that they have become an extremely popular option.

Voice messages are very easy to send compared to typing out complete messages and can be done one-handed, while walking or with dirty hands in the kitchen.

However, while your voice message might be much easier for you to send, consider these two questions next time you want to send a voice message:

  1. Are you um-ing and ah-ing? You might want to take an extra second to think about what you’re trying to say before pressing record.
  2. Does the person need to view this information later? They might prefer to remind themselves quickly by reading the text, not listening to the whole message again.

Voice messages should make everyone’s lives easier, not just the sender’s. If you need to take an extra minute to note down the information for the receiver in a text, consider how much more helpful this might be for them.