Children won’t need to learn programming

There is a relatively new theory that programming is going to become as common as English and Maths from a young age. The idea is based on the idea that technology is becoming ever more a part of our lives and therefore essential for children to understand.

With all jobs becoming further reliant on technology, there is a benefit for our future workforce to be able to do jobs more efficiently by, ideally, programming something, or by just understanding how whatever system they’re working with actually works under the hood.

However, something incredible is happening at a much faster rate than the advocates of this theory ever imagined.

With new technologies such as Open AI’s GPT-3, we are seeing the gap begin to close between the way us humans think normally and what a computer will understand.

What this means in the future is that children will be able to continue learning existing skills such as English and Maths as they always have, but be able to use those exact same skills to make the computer program itself — eventually, just by speaking out their commands, not even any typing required.

Teach programming because we’re always going to engineers to program the computers that program themselves, but don’t expect every child to need it.