Can you put a personal face behind the brand?

Products and services can be made to seem interesting with engaging copy, good videos and the right graphics style.

But none of this is truly personal. Only a connection to an actual human can be personal.

Not everything has to be personal, obviously. But consider the value of associating a face and a voice alongside your value offering.

If a part of your brand’s story can be told as part of the story of a real human, potential clients are instantly going to connect to this.

We might see the benefit that a product or service will bring to our life, but we can’t connect to that as a personal relationship. We can, however, connect to a person telling us about the journey through a personal narrative.

This doesn’t change any of the qualities of the product or service, but it does make us listen more.

We’re not just reading text at this point, we’re connecting to something that someone we have connected to has created.