Behind the scenes is allowed to be messy

Showing the work in progress doesn’t make the final result look worse, it just makes it even more impressive that it ends up so good.

It’s very easy to feel like we just want to show the best of everything we do. What’s hard is to show people things that aren’t perfect while they’re being made.

But, nothing human is perfect.

When we show people the other side of our business, the actual side that we see, we’re showing them something real. It’s the no-makeup selfie. It’s the guard fully let down. It’s what allows us to build deeper relationships by showing a bit of vulnerability

It’s not easy to do because we’re worried what people will think, but for any person that you turn away because they were just looking for “perfect”, you can replace with someone who can become a true fan of your brand and its story, not just someone who might like what you sell.