Ask yourself this if you’ve given too many chances

There are only so many chances you can give. When someone you employ does something poorly, it can be for a wide range of reasons. They might be having family issues, they might have misunderstood your requirements, they might have just had an “off” day.

The last thing you want to believe is that they just don’t have the talent.

When they do something poorly for a second time, the reality that they just don’t have the talent is a lot harder to ignore. But when we really want them to be able to do the job we hired them for, we might end up giving them another chance.

When they come back again with something that really seems like a lack of talent, it’s almost impossible to ignore at this stage. We can blame them for saying that they could do something they couldn’t, we could blame ourselves for allowing them to waste our time, or we can just blame bad luck.

If it really seemed like they were talented when you were hiring them, if all of their previous work seemed to be of high quality, if you’ve given them all of the correct direction and chances to create the thing that you’re looking for, you have to ask yourself if you’ve hired the right talent.

When looking to hire someone, it’s not always the quality of their work that matters, it’s the relevance of work they’ve done. You might find that they have experience in a certain area, or that they focus on a particular style, but you convince yourself that they can adapt to what you want them to do. This might be true, but if you take this route, understand that you might end up with a result that you really didn’t want.

Hire the specialist with the relevant experience related to exactly what you need, not a generalist who you hope can adapt.