A big difference between for-profits and non-profits

In the for-profit world, we try to specialise our services so that we can dominate in a particular market or niche and if something doesn’t in some way have a positive outcome on our bottom line, we’re much less likely to do it.

In the non-profit world, we also want to specialise in what we do so that we are effective. Much like in the for-profit world, we don’t want to spread ourselves too broadly because:

  1. It’s easier to excel at fewer things
  2. We want to create a strong narrative that people can understand easily

However, while it’s not that we don’t care about people in the for-profit world, we also have to focus more on what’s profitable.

In the non-profit world, there often aren’t other options for the people we’re assisting and a more diverse offering is often a more responsible choice.

It might not be a neat-and-tidy marketing plan, but people’s lives are more important.