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Ask the smartest people

The smarter someone is, the bigger your natural reluctance can be to ask them for feedback.

This can happen subconsciously or consciously because you’re afraid that they’ll point out your mistakes.

However, if they’re smart, this is exactly the person you want to ask for feedback — whether you enjoy listening to it or not.

Never seeing a bus

Richard Branson is well-known for creating a very diverse range of businesses.

He says that “business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming”.

But, a lot of this really has to do with getting yourself to streets where buses will pass by.

If you’re not getting access to the right people or learning about the right things, you might never see a bus.

Insignificant results

The natural reaction to a good result is ecstasy.

The natural reaction to a bad result is disappointment.

The unfortunate nature of our emotions is that we allow this to happen for insignificant results.